Designing system cases for mobile use

Workshop at hand all the time
Tradespeople know that their working environments are not always ideal – sometimes there is no electricity supply, sometimes the only parking option is far away from the work site or the site is generally difficult to access. In such situations, system cases are a time-efficient option not only to safely transport tools and materials from site to site, but also to conveniently move them around the site itself. However, in order for system cases, such as Systainers from TANOS, to save a decent amount of time, they need to be planned out carefully before every job: Which system best suits the requirements of the business? And which system is compatible with the vehicle equipment?

Start planning early

The most important question you need to ask yourself when selecting a system case is this: Which tools and materials do you actually need on a daily basis? So what do you wish to take with you in your vehicle when going to the customer? And which of these things do you usually need to carry from the vehicle to the work site? The first step in planning your case systems should therefore be to create a list of all materials and tools which you need on a daily basis. These can then be divided into categories, e.g. according to application type, location and frequency of use. If it makes more sense for your business, Systainers can also be organised according to content type: Machines and tools, consumables, personal protective equipment, etc. This type of categorisation makes it simple to determine which storage boxes are best suited to the new organisation system. If you, for example, mostly use large, heavy tools, you will need suitably large boxes and corresponding room in the vehicle's organisation system.
The more dimension options the case system you select offers, the more systematically you can plan. The connectable Systainers from TANOS, for example, are available in a large range of sizes and widths so that tools in regular use can be stored perfectly. Even materials such as cartridges, spray bottles or small parts can be safely stowed in a Systainer. The third generation of the system – Systainer3 – can also be integrated in bott vario3- vehicle equipment such that transport and mobile jobs can be carried out conveniently and with maximum safety and efficiency.

Where can I get advice on Systainers?

In order to support you in the planning process, several manufacturers offer digital outlines which show what sizes and combinations are available and what variants and customisation options exist. Options such as inlays and colours can usually be selected here too so that you can get a good impression of what your system cases could look like in the end. In this regard, TANOS offers a comprehensive online configurator, for example. If you have specific wishes, TANOS experts, as well as dealers with a Systainer range, can offer advice. Repairs are also conducted via partners. Customers with greater purchase volumes can also turn to TANOS directly to design custom Systainers for the whole business.

Systainer portfolio

Judging by experience, different industries and even separate businesses can have entirely different requirements for their case systems. For this reason, manufacturer suggestions often only provide initial starting points for trade businesses – i.e. ideas for what might be helpful in practice. These should then be adapted according to the individual experiences of the business. This is the only way to ensure maximum efficiency and save time during work. Here are some useful pointers to help you plan:
  • The systainer3 M 137 has the perfect volume for jigsaws, cordless drills and other flat tools.

  • The Systainer3 Organizer is perfectly suited to organising small parts. A grid on the base and lid keeps the different plastic containers safely anchored in place.

  • Thanks to its height, the Systainer3 M 437 is ideal for storing use-ready cartridges and spray bottles with attached nozzles.

  • The Systainer3 M 187 can be used for anything. The L 187 variant offers additional space.

  • The Systainer3 XXL 337 is perfect for storing larger tools – e.g. chainsaws and respirators.

Professional appearance thanks to a unified aesthetic

Besides practical aspects such as the size of the Systainer, appearing professional to the customer plays an important role. For this reason, most system cases can be fitted with inlays and other visual design elements. This enables effective branding – or simply aesthetic coherence. Even smaller trade businesses can benefit significantly from a unified aesthetic since it communicates a tidy, efficient and professional image to the customers. This increases customer trust and consistently strengthens customer relations.

Color design

When using Systainer3 boxes, the colours of the T-Loc control element as well as the handle can be customised. Boxes come in light grey and anthracite as standard but can be dyed using any colour combination you might wish. Twelve colours are available for the closure and 11 for the handles. When using size M boxes, you can also choose from seven colours for the body.

Customised lettering

Customers can add images and lettering in any colour to their Systainer3 if ordering 50 or more units. In addition, every model has predefined locations which can be decorated with, for example, a company logo, image or lettering. If ordering in very high quantities, customers can have their Systainers adapted to their own corporate designs directly by TANOS.

Low-cost card system

A cheaper alternative which is also accessible to smaller businesses is to customise the Systainer3 using a slot card or label. Two card slots for cards the size of standard business cards help with this cost-effective alternative to printing.


Safety and an appealing appearance
To secure the content of boxes, Systainer3 have inlays, e.g. simple foam transport protection on the lid for power tools with a matching deep-drawer insert. Alternatively, cube padding can be used to fix tools in place. These cube elements are made from many smaller cubes (15 x 15 mm), which can be separated as required. In this way, the shape of the padding can be precisely adapted to the tool that is to be transported.

Best possible content protection

Customers with higher purchase volumes also have the option of testing a variety of custom inlay solutions at their own company site. To do this, TANOS requires the tool that will be packaged in order to take its measurements. This allows TANOS to create several inlay suggestions that are perfectly adapted to the content such that it can be securely stored in a Systainer while saving as much space as possible. The entire process takes place in close collaboration with TANOS in order to create a fully customised, visually pleasing case system with perfectly fitting inlays.

The perfect transport solution: Systainer³

The Systainer3 is perfectly suited to transporting materials and tools safely and conveniently. Compared to other system cases, Systainer3 stands out in three areas in particular:

Wide range of uses

Systainer3 are fully compatible with older Systainer systems and can be connected with Classic Line and T-Loc generation cases. They can be integrated into bott vario3 vehicle equipment without problems and offer maximum robustness and mobility. They also minimise risk of theft with a seal or a TSA lock.


Systainer3 are extremely long-lasting – not just thanks to their robust properties but also because they are easy to repair: Single components can be replaced as required at any time. Spare parts for your  Systainer3 will also be available on the market for a long time.


The integrated coupling system allows multiple Systainer3 to be connected and transported together. In this way, Systainer3 allows any equipment to be conveniently and ergonomically transported. They are to hand quickly and at any time – and the label can help quickly identify the contents from the outside. This ensures you save time and can work more efficiently.


From tradespeople to rescue services and fire fighters, many customers trust in the robust and efficient Systainer solution. This fully compatible system case solution ensures the safe, reliable and convenient transport of tools and materials – both in a vehicle with suitable equipment and from the vehicle to the place of use. Higher efficiency and optimal work processes will soon make the system pay for itself.

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