Tailor-made organisation systems with vehicle integration for easy and safe transport

Systainer³ tailor-made organisation systems

With customised vehicle integration for easy and safe transport
The new Systainer³ generation enables you to be more mobile than ever before. Festool, TANOS and bott have worked together to develop a mobility system which brings the workshop and the construction site closer together. Thanks to perfect integration in the bott vario3 vehicle equipment, you can now take the familiar arrangement and the simple handling that you used to from the Systainer system, into your vehicle as well. Why will you benefit from what we can offer?

Expertise in organisation systems and safety.

Safe transport, efficient workplace organisation and tool systems that focus on safety at work: Our experts will give you advice and find the best solution for you, your day-to-day life and your trade.

Individual and flexible mobility solutions.

On the move, on site or at a customer – the diversity of our product range allows you to organise your vehicle precisely according to your needs. So that you can take your workshop with you wherever you go.

Complete solution in premium quality.

You will not be wasting your time on time-consuming searches or complicated configurations in the network. Together, we will determine your requirements for process optimisation so that you can work efficiently when on the move.

What is special about the Systainer³

With the Systainer³, your products, work materials and/or tools are securely packed, clearly organised and transported in a time-saving manner. Both the interior of the case and its colour can be customised. We also offer our industrial customers numerous additional services such as logo printing, design of special inserts, packaging and much more.
Here our case system stands out primarily because of its ability to be stacked and connected to other Systainers: Systainer³ products are compatible with one another and can be connected to all previous Systainer generations, mobile dust extractors and many other system accessories. Thanks to the numerous insert options and basic dimensions of the case system, it is easy to get started in the efficient Systainer³ world even with your existing product range. A case with added value.


Simple. Reliable. Mobile

Customer references

What our customers say about their mobile organisation systems

Systainer³ connects

Mobile. Functional. Individual. Systems get it done

Organisation system that saves time

Rapid access to content, secure coupling and tight closure with just one movement. This is thanks to extremely easy handling with the T-Loc, which can be rotated 360°. Time-efficient loading and unloading – the system cases in different sizes can be quickly and easily connected to each other and securely transported to the place of use.

Organisation system that increases efficiency

No long search times or inefficient processes: Your individual working systems can be integrated directly in the equipment with various options. Whether you are in the workshop, on the move or at the customer, the extensive range of system cases and accessories for mobile work equipment will have everything you need.

Organisation system that increases safety

Save space when loading - and safely. The numerous inserts for Systainer system cases (customised if required) protect the content and, with the bott vario3 vehicle integration, every centimetre becomes capacity with numerous securing options.

Systainer³ in a vehicle

Think outside the box: Case systems with vehicle integration

Working more purposefully in a system

No long search times, repeated questions or inefficient to-ing and fro-ing. Your work processes can be integrated effectively and individually directly in the equipment with various options. Create your own working systems for your purpose and you will have everything you need, whether you are in the workshop, on the move or at the customer. The extensive range of system cases and modules for mobile work equipment has it all. Packing, storing, transporting, loading and unloading is so quick and easy that you can get started immediately and/or go home straight after you finish work.

Work efficiently in a system

Thanks to its standardised basic dimensions, the Systainer³ is ideal for transporting in vehicles. In the new generation, the Systainer³ has been optimised even further for integration in vehicles thanks to the pull-out aids and front carrying handles. As a result, the Systainer³ and the bott vario3 vehicle equipment together combine maximum convenience and mobility. The variety of case sizes and inserts enables any work material to be optimally packaged and the vario3 modules take care of the rest.